Choosing Between Day School and Boarding School

Choosing Between Day School and Boarding School

If you are confused between boarding school and a day school, then you are not the only parent. There are plenty of parents out there who face the same dilemma.

It is never easy for a parent to decide which school is the best. This decision becomes tougher when the choice is between a day-school and a residential school. While it is never going to be easy for you to send your little ones away from home, it is important to look at the broader picture which shows a bright future for your children.

The choice between a boarding school and a day school depends largely on what you expect from the school. If you have been researching residential schools in Dehradun, you would know by now that boarding schools not only offer wide range of educational experience, but also a lot of exposure to your child, making him/her responsible and independent adult as years pass by.

Here are some reasons why you can consider residential schools over day schools.

  • When you choose to send your kids to boarding, you are convinced that your children would be provided round-the-clock guidance and environment conducive to holistic development. This is one of the biggest reasons why most people decide to take the plunge. The school will take all the responsibility of homework assigned to them and ensure that they finish their assignments in a timely manner, inculcating the habit of finishing their tasks in time.
  • In a boarding school, your child will be exposed to plenty of extra-curricular activities, making him/her an all-rounder. It is the residential school’s responsibility to keep the kids productively occupied and also give them sufficient down time to relax and socialize with other school mates. Your child will get number of opportunities to explore his/her hobbies and take the same to the next level, without ever compromising on the academic education.
  • With so many like minded students at the residential school, your child will lean how to live in harmony with other people and forge friendships for life. Many children actually prefer to go to boarding school so that they can learn being independent and social from their young age. This is especially good for children who do not have siblings at home. It also helps in building the child’s confidence.
  • Most importantly, boarding schools can really enhance family relationships. Your parents will value you more as you visit them during vacations and you will love the time spent with your parents because you rarely get to do that.

Boarding schools are a perfect choice for parents who want their children to develop into confident and self assured adults.

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