Boarding Schools in India

Boarding Schools in India

Education in India always has the extra edge in comparison with other countries round the globe. The concept of boarding schools came to India, as a reason to induce discipline in kids. Boarding schools are of several types, like alternative and therapeutic schools that serve the needs of special kids while also offering best of education. Boarding schools, in most of the cases are college prep schools that actually make the student get ready to go into college. There are lots of different pointers about boarding school, and few are listed below: Boarding Schools in India Most of the boarding schools are purely residential, while some also have day students coming in. Majorly, the schools situated amidst bustling city areas will have a lot of day students than residents. The only difference is that students in day schools get back home once they are done for the day. The boarding schools in most of the cities have their own curriculum. Every state has set a basic rule guide for schools, while the boarding schools have their own, which exceeds these set expectations. Progressive schools in India do not have tests, as they believe students need to be prepped for college level work. The boarding schools, also, in some places follow international standard of learning. Some of the best residential schools in India guarantee to provide well qualified teachers and an utmost learning experience. Since some of the school offer international curriculum as well, the fees might be a bit demanding. These schools at most of times, offer discounts or special tuition fees to the sibling of the student. This way, if you have more than one child, the next one can also be put into the same school. Sports are not just an extra-curricular activity in the boarding schools. It is a part of the curriculum, and is a mandate for every student to participate in sports. This will ensure that they not only gain education, but also sports knowledge and importance of the same. The boarding schools offer a family like atmosphere. A warm and friendly environment ensures that the students are able to give their best in the school. Be it fostering relationships, or socialization, it comes in with the times spent in common rooms, and also through the dorms students live in. There is a watch on the students through the day and night. There are strict punishments for the mistakes made; however, if the child is perfect, then the school does not have to punish them. Since your child lives away from you, the depth of life, and adjustment comes to them from the beginning naturally. The students become more responsible as they have to tend to themselves. This makes them utterly self-sufficient for life. The classes are generally small, and the students get individual attention in some of the cases. The boarding schools, especially the ones offering international standards have a lot of facilities like a well-stocked library, media centers and so on. Academics and sports play hand-in-hand. No matter what, when it comes as a complete package, would you mind sending your children there? There are a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to boarding school. However, according to most of the reviews and the schools that have mushroomed in the recent times, boarding schools’ pros outweigh the cons. The children in residential schools are open to taking success and failure since they receive liberal education along with the other activities that they would be interested in. If you are looking forward to enlisting your kid in one of the best residential schools in India and unwind their potentials, then you should visit

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