CBSE Vs State Board – All You Need to Know About Education Boards

CBSE Vs State Board – All You Need to Know About Education Boards

The choice between CBSE and Sate Board has been at the end of every parent’s debate for which one to choose. As far as the students are concerned, they too seem divided in their opinion. The reason why choosing the right between the two is important because it can affect your life and career choices henceforth. Making the wrong choice at this point may have lifetime implications. No wonder that the parents are so wracked up about choosing the right one for their kids. This is the reason students have to understand what makes one board better than the other.

If you are in the middle of choosing the best CBSE boarding schools in India, then it will help you to know the advantages and disadvantages over one another.

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Every state has its own respective board that is dictated by the education ministry. All these boards vary in syllabus, course curriculum, and exam patterns. Since the boards differ at the core level, it is impossible to compare results between two boards. This can be a problem when your child wants to apply for further studies in a centralized institution. It can be a problem if the syllabus covered by your child’s board is not inline with the one required by the course. However, if the student wants to acquire further education in the same state, then this could be advantageous for them as they are already aware of the state’s educational system.

CBSE, on the other hand, is a Central Board of Secondary Education which is centralized across the nation. The course curriculum stays standard throughout the country and all the important exams recognize CBSE board. Even though CBSE is slightly trickier than state boards, they do have the latest study material and interesting subjects. This board is great choice for students who want to pursue their higher studies through nationalized institutes.

What makes CBSE more preferable for students and parents is its student friendly curriculum and course structure. The students are not put under a lot of pressure and the study module is mostly interactive. There are also many application-based learning activities to give students are more hands-on practice of the subject matter. This helps students in enjoying the process of learning in a healthy environment.

CBSE board is geared towards helping students acquire real knowledge and not just bookish knowledge. They are not required to cram the answers and the papers are designed in such a way that they test the student’s ability to learn and use that knowledge real time.

If your child dreams to be a doctor or an engineer from one of the reputed institutes of the country, then CBSE board is the right stepping stone for their careers and growth. Ultimately, which board is the best depends on the child’s capabilities and future plans.

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