Co-ed Schools Vs Single Sex Schools – Which is Better?

Co-ed Schools Vs Single Sex Schools – Which is Better?

Debating in your mind about a co-ed schools or a single sex schools? Let us discuss what makes one better than the other.

The debate regarding a choice between co-ed schools and single sex schools has been an ongoing one. Parents offer wonder if they should enrol their children in one over the other. While it is safe to say that each option has its own merits and demerits; researchers claim that there is absolutely no evidence of one being superior than its counterpart.

Many students who have been a part of both school systems often chime into the discussion saying that there really is no difference at the social level. As parents continue to look for top co-educational boarding schools in India,

Here are some facets that can help you make an informed choice between these two options.

  • The biggest debate, when discussing co-ed schools and single sex schools, is the attraction between opposite sex as they reach adolescence. Parents can often rule out this insecurity in a same-sex classroom where the students have no choice, but to study rather than waste their time ogling at classmates. This argument has been invalidated by many researchers on the ground that their can be kids who get attracted to the same sex also. There are all kinds of students in a classroom, some that are open to dating, some that are not and some that are open to dating, but do not feel distracted in the classroom.
  • There has also been a point where the pro-single-sex school educators insist that there is no insecurity or feeling of intimidation by other sex, making the classroom more comfortable and enjoyable. The students are also able to engage in activities more freely, as compared to a co-ed classroom. However, there have been studies claiming that co-ed classroom promotes healthy rivalry between the opposite sex students, allowing them to thrive better. It can add a lot of perspective to a discussion by taking in views from both ends of the spectrum, making children more insightful.
  • When studying in a co-ed classroom, the students grow up to be comfortable in the same space as those belong to the opposite sex. They don’t feel flustered or embarrassed in a setting that has a mixed crowd. In fact, a same-sex classroom can weaken your ability to adapt to a co-ed environment in the future, especially when you get into a professional world.

To cut the long story short, despite its benefits and disadvantages, it all comes down to the parents and their children to finally decide where they wish to study. No academic decision should be made that is based on gender.

What is important is the quality of education and overall social preference.

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