Make Your Child Boarding School Ready

Make Your Child Boarding School Ready

Boarding schools are a big decision for you as a parent and also for the child who will be leaving the safety of home behind and enter the world of strangers, that too, without their parents to look out for them. It is scary and nightmarish for any child. If you fail to address this issue carefully, you can impact your child’s psyche for a lifetime

You may feel fear in your heart as you prepare your child for the boarding school, putting up a brave face for them. But on the inside, you have a whirlwind of emotions of your own. However, you also know that this is perhaps the best decision for your child in the long run. Experts say that the kids who study in boarding schools have an increased sense of self assurance and confidence. The kids learn to live in discipline and understand the importance of being independent. These are the kind of traits any parent would want in their children and so are willing to sacrifice a huge deal by choosing to send their precious kids away.

There are many boarding schools in India that make it easier for the parents to take their pick depending upon their expectations from their children. But if it is important to send your kids away to a boarding school, it is also important to make them mentally prepared about this massive change in their lives. Your failure to address the transition at this crucial early stage can leave a lifelong impact on the tender minds of your children. They may feel abandoned and unloved, which is obviously not the case.

Here are some things you can do to make your child excited about staying away from you.

Boarding schools are not those strict institutions anymore. They are a hotbed of student interaction and a fun place to mingle with likeminded children. One can now have access to internet on the campus and stay connected with the parents through Skype or other channels.

Even though these schools enforce discipline, they are not as stiff as they used to be. Students are allowed to keep their phones most of the time and can even take independent decisions, upon their parents’ approval.

Kids can now go home every weekend and never once feel that they are actually away from their parents. Schools are more comfortable and enjoyable for children of all ages.

Don’t forget that your child will make friendships that will last them a lifetime!

Your kids need to know that boarding schools are not about being spanked and disciplined all day long. It is about giving them a healthy environment to breed and be better human beings as they grow up. Once they understand that they are never truly away from you, they will likely be on board with your decision.

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