Health and Safety

IPS has always ensured that the health and safety of it’s inhabitants, be it students or staff, remain stellar.

- Health -

Our school has a 12-bed infirmary which includes an Isolation ward. It is run by a qualified doctor and nurses. Specialist physicians are available on call. Facilities for nursing of common routine ailments and accidents are available 24*7. An ambulance is at the disposal to transport students during emergencies and is also used for the conveyance of children to specialists in Dehradun.

- Safety -

Being patronized by the MNC, the SIS (Security & Intelligence Services India Limited), our school has an unbreachable security ring thrown around the campus. Security staff professionally trained by the parent organization, the SIS, monitor the entire arrangement round the clock together with the help of guard dogs. The school is under CCTV surveillance covering the whole campus. This guarantee of safety of a child studying in our school is a source of great reassurance for the parents, in this age of uncertainties.