Principal’s Message


Mr. Samir Dhingra


Education is that sound process that ensures unfolding of the learner’s mind, in such a way, that is holistically brings about balance among the body, the mind and the soul

It is my pleasure to pen down my special message for parents who wish to admit their ward/wards in The Indian Public School. On behalf of the school managing committee, and on my own behalf, I invite them to pay a visit to the school.

The school setting, amidst green canopied patches, is ideally suited for both growth, vitality and spontaneous learning of students. The rich pedagogy, the pool of seasoned educators, and structured working systems in place, are of great benefit to both the school and the students.

We strongly believe that the importance of students is of utmost importance - of the three important stakeholders, the school management, the parents and the students - as they occupy the center stage of our qualified attention and concern. In a pyramidal model, the management and the parents occupy the base end symbolically dedicated and supportive of their prime concern, whereas the students are placed at the apex. Their growth, safety, security, wellness and academic excellence remain the prime concern of the school. We believe that along with studies, their skill development is also essential for them to address future challenges.

Our past experience makes us understand that activities at the school,spaced and timed properly, open up opportunities for students to participate in such preferred activities that help them in unfolding their innate potential. This 'off the class-room exercise' benefits students in many ways: they develop skills, learn to work in unison, help to cultivate harmony, and understand the importance of synergy. Their engagements in activities of their choices also serve them, by binding them to the learning routine of the school.

The school management ensures that students must not be denied this important platform that provides experiential learning to them. The school is backed by specialist staff those who supervise activities, and allow equal opportunities to students.

We firmly believe that ‘Wings nurtured and crafted with skill, feathered by knowledge, makes one soar higher and faster towards one’s goal’.

Thank you.

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