Clean Environment

- Clean Environment -

Nature has tailored the school landscape in such a way that is seems to prove the truthfulness of the adage ‘Cleanliness is Next to Godliness’. The pristine layout of the school adds to the cleanliness of the environment. Far from habitation, the atmosphere is totally clean. There is hardly any pollution to speak of and freshness of the place remains untouched.

We at the IPS, strongly believe that cleanliness of the atmosphere is not only supplemented by nature, but also by the people who walk, breath and make the school a viable reality. Buildings are important for the school, but equally important is the management of the school of which the pedagogical line-up is an extension. The Indian Public School can be rightly called a modern Gurukul as it is committed to promote values that are universally acknowledged.

The School Management has ensured to preserve the campus - its purity and cleanliness. If any addition, in terms of a concrete structure, is needed a new site is chosen to resonate with the background. Plantation is carried out time and again to keep the environment clean, green and serene.