Nutritious food

- Nutritious food -

The Indian Public School is nestled in the lap of nature with a sprawling campus. Although, the academic block occupies a large area, yet substantial land is used for cultivation of vegetables. To be accurate in terms of acreage, 30 acres is reserved for organic farming. Vegetables grown here supplement the needs of the school Annapurna dining hall. On the other hand, a large dairy maintaining more than 200 cows supply pure dairy products like milk, clarified butter, cottage cheese, buttermilk and others for daily consumption in the school dining hall.

Daily meals including breakfast, offer a large variety of food to satisfy each palate. Other than the dairy products, salads and fruits add to the nutrition of the meals served to the children. Juice of seasonal fruits, squash and lemonade is served during juice break. At snacks time after games in the evening, different varieties of snacks are offered to children and staff. The menu of all the three meals and snacks is decided by a committee comprising House Masters, members of the student prefectorial body and the school chef after taking advice of a dietician. The menu is finalised after approval from the principal of the school. Healthy food with majority of the ingredients yielded from school's own farmlands, including pure milk, A2 from 200 cows is a boon in this time of adulteration. Students are served with varied menu everyday at the time of meals, breakfasts and snacks. From typical festive foods such as litti-chokha, pua and laddu, the dining hall prepares healthy, nutritious and sumptuous meals for the students and staff everyday. There are separate counters for serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Biryani, both veg and nonveg, apart from Chinese dishes, including chowmein, Manchurian curry and fried rice are favourites among the vegetarian students, while the nonvegetarian staff and students are served chicken and egg almost every second day, with a variation of fish and mutton once in a while.